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Medium-voltage switchgear is systems that are used to switch and protect medium-voltage lines, transformers and consumers and distribute electrical energy in a voltage range of around 1 to 36 kV. They are an important part of the electrical energy supply as they ensure the reliability and security of the power supply. Medium voltage switchgear consists of switching cells that are connected to busbars and contain various switching devices such as circuit breakers, isolating switches or earthing switches. These switching devices make it possible to change the network topology, isolate faults and isolate and ground equipment for maintenance work.

We are an electrical engineering company that will help you plan and implement your medium-voltage systems. We offer you individual solutions for your requirements, regardless of whether you need air- or gas-insulated systems or whether your systems are connected to a meshed distribution network or a single industrial system with a tap or loop. We have many years of experience and know-how in the field of medium-voltage technology and work with renowned manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens and Schneider Electric. Please contact us for a non-binding offer!

Transformers have become an integral part of today's energy supply system. Hundreds of thousands of transformers are installed in the electrical transmission and distribution networks. They play an essential role in the voltage quality, supply reliability and efficiency of the networks! Due to the rapidly increasing number of power electronic, non-linear consumers in households, commercial and industrial companies as well as the expansion of decentralized renewable energy systems, energy storage systems and the increasing number of electric vehicles, transformers have to withstand ever higher demands.

We offer you standard and professional processing, i.e. planning, procurement and installation of the transformer station for your areas of application. All relevant parameters such as short-circuit power at the network connection point of your system, characteristics of your consumers, requirements of powerful power converters, harmonic load, load and simultaneity factors, cooling requirements (air or oil), EMC environment, etc. are taken into account. Regardless of whether you need a standard transformer or a special 1-phase special transformer that can be regulated under load as a power supply system for individual large consumers, we are your partner. We look forward to your inquiry!

Low-voltage main distribution systems (NSHV) are central energy distribution systems in buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, high-rise buildings, hospitals, etc. These are arranged directly after the transformers and thereby distribute the electrical energy from the upstream supply network to the consumers. The network structure (general power supply AV, safety power supply SV, uninterruptible power supply UPS, etc.) is usually determined with the low-voltage main distribution systems. Due to the central arrangement, directly after the transformers (often several transformers supply the busbars of an NSHV), these have to withstand very high requirements in normal operation (up to 7000A) but especially in the event of a fault (short-circuit currents > 100 kA). Damage to an NSHV would inevitably lead to long power outages and thus production downtime, so the planning of NSHV should only be carried out by very experienced engineers! Operational safety and personal and system protection can only be guaranteed through professional and standard-compliant planning and execution.

Whether you need a 400V or 690V NSHV, for complex industrial systems with energy recovery via the NSHV into the distribution network or for a supposedly simpler commercial system, we are happy to support you!

By taking into account influencing parameters such as the power and characteristics of power converter or power electronic loads (harmonic load), short-circuit power of upstream transformers and downstream large consumers, the maximum possible short-circuit currents, minimum short-circuit currents, you can ensure that your systems meet the relevant standards, ensure safe operation (without Shortening of the service life due to unauthorized heating), in the event of a fault, switch off safely in the required time at both the maximum and minimum current and survive the fault without damage!

In order to increase the safety of your NSHV, we also offer you the option of equipping your systems with active arc fault protection. In the event of an arc fault, this switches off the voltage as quickly as possible, thereby preventing personal injury or fires.

If you would like to find out more about our services in the area of electrical NSHV, please contact us. We look forward to your inquiry!

The technical building equipment (TGA) includes all facilities and systems that are required for the operation and use of a building. These include, for example, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, security and communication. TGA is an important factor for the quality, comfort and energy efficiency of a building. It helps ensure that residential, office, hotel, university buildings and other structures meet the requirements and needs of users. The TGA is therefore an essential part of modern architecture and sustainable building. It contributes to improving the energy efficiency, comfort, safety and sustainability of buildings.

Our employees will support you with your questions about the individual TGA systems with in-depth specialist knowledge and years of experience. We would be happy to advise you on the optimal planning, execution and maintenance of your technical building equipment. We are always up to date with the latest technology and follow the latest developments in this field. We offer you individual solutions for your specific requirements and needs and look forward to hearing from you!

Automation technology is an important area of modern technology that deals with the control and regulation of machines and systems. Automation technology makes it possible to make processes and procedures in various industries more efficient, safer and of higher quality. Mechanical as well as electronic and information technology components are used that communicate and cooperate with each other. Automation technology requires a high level of specialist knowledge from mechatronics engineers and software developers who are able to describe complex physical processes mathematically and program them using software and ultimately implement them. Automation technology is therefore an interdisciplinary and future-oriented discipline that constantly offers new challenges and opportunities.

The development and maintenance of mechatronic systems places high demands on the specialist knowledge of mechatronics engineers, software developers and control engineers. These specialists must be able to integrate, program and optimize mechanical, electronic and IT components. They also have to take into account customer requirements, safety standards and environmental impacts. Mechatronic systems are therefore the result of interdisciplinary collaboration that requires a high level of competence and creativity.

Photovoltaic systems are an important technology for achieving the climate goals agreed in Paris in 2015 and shaping the energy transition. They use solar energy to generate clean electricity that can be used for their own consumption or fed into the grid. Photovoltaic systems help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

The planning and construction of photovoltaic systems requires not only experienced, well-trained specialists but also ongoing further training due to the constant development of the legal and normative framework. The suitable area for a PV system ideally has a south orientation (not absolutely necessary). A lot can be optimized with a suitable alignment and inclination of the modules. The dimensioning of the electrical components such as inverters, protection components, storage, charging stations as well as the installation and connection of the system to the power grid should only be carried out by qualified personnel. All framework conditions, especially legal and tax ones, must be taken into account in order to be able to claim funding.

We are an experienced company in this area and offer you comprehensive advice and support for your project. We have the most modern technologies to record your terrain or roof areas and design your PV system using the most modern planning tools. Our fitters are a well-rehearsed team of electrical engineers and metal processing specialists who guarantee you quick and error-free installation of the system. We also offer you solutions for storing your excess energy, charging infrastructure for your electric vehicle and energy monitoring so that you have a full overview of your system at all times.

Switchboard construction is an important part of electrical engineering that includes the planning, construction and assembly of switchboards. Switchboards are enclosures that contain electrical components such as switches, relays, fuses and controls. They are used to distribute electrical energy, protect, control and monitor systems. High-quality production of switchboards is of great importance to the customer as it ensures the safety, reliability and efficiency of the electrical systems. In order to manufacture a switchboard, high demands are placed on the specialist knowledge of the technical draftsmen and switchboard builders. The technical draftsmen must create the circuit diagrams and layouts of the switchboard according to the customer's specifications and the applicable standards. The switchboard builders must assemble, wire and test the electrical components professionally.

In our new hall we offer you switchboards production according to your specifications within agreed appointments with the highest quality standards! We are also happy to offer you the opportunity to test your control cabinets with us before delivery. Furthermore, we also offer you the implementation of PLC programming according to your or our standards and to test us extensively before delivery to the construction site and thus avoid an elaborate troubleshooting on the construction site.

Industrial assembly is the process of assembling and installing various parts and devices in industrial facilities. It covers a wide range of activities, such as the installation of pipes, electrical installations, machines, boilers, tanks, pumps and other components.

It requires a high level of expertise, precision and security as it is a complex and sensitive system that must be reliable and efficient. It is usually carried out on site where the equipment is delivered and installed according to design and specifications.

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We, ILUM Solutions GmbH and our partners are a group of companies in the field of electrical engineering, automation technology and industrial assembly with the aim of meeting our clients’ requirements in terms of quality, budget and deadlines to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we offer our customers comprehensive services in the field of electrical and automation technology. Our portfolio includes, among other things, decentralized renewable energy systems including energy storage and charging infrastructure (electromobility), automation of various systems and systems for various applications. We support you in every project phase, starting with the concept through planning, control cabinet production, visualization, programming (Siemens TIA Portal), assembly and commissioning as well as documentation of the projects. Training your maintenance and operating staff is an integral part of the successful completion of your projects!

We attach great importance to working in partnership with our clients in order to develop tailor-made solutions that meet their individual needs.

Our team consists of highly motivated and well-trained employees who guarantee you professional service and high customer satisfaction.

We are your partner for holistic handling of your electrical and automation technology projects!


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