Our mission is to provide high quality and ecological solutions for the production and distribution of electricity from renewable sources. We have extensive experience and a professional team that guarantees a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

Distributing electricity from renewable sources has numerous advantages over distributing electricity from fossil fuels. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy security and independence, promoting the development of local communities and creating new jobs.

The use of advanced technologies and systems that enable the integration of various types of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid, as well as the management of demand and storage of electricity, is key to achieving the goals of sustainable development for society.

The planning and construction of photovoltaic systems requires not only experienced, well-trained specialists but also ongoing further training due to the constant development of the legal and normative framework. The suitable area for a PV system ideally has a south orientation (not absolutely necessary). A lot can be optimized with a suitable alignment and inclination of the modules. The dimensioning of the electrical components such as inverters, protection components, storage, charging stations as well as the installation and connection of the system to the power grid should only be carried out by qualified personnel. All framework conditions, especially legal and tax ones, must be taken into account in order to be able to claim funding.

We are an experienced company in this area and offer you comprehensive advice and support for your project. We have the most modern technologies to record your terrain or roof areas and design your PV system using the most modern planning tools. Our fitters are a well-rehearsed team of electrical engineers and metal processing specialists who guarantee you quick and error-free installation of the system. We also offer you solutions for storing your excess energy, charging infrastructure for your electric vehicle and energy monitoring so that you have a full overview of your system at all times.