Automation and project planning

Engineering, automation and project planning are three key aspects for the successful development and implementation of technological solutions. Engineering includes design, analysis, testing and maintenance of systems and devices. Automation makes it possible to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of processes and products.

Project planning includes defining goals, resources, deadlines and risks as well as monitoring progress and results. These three disciplines require a high level of expertise, creativity and collaboration.

It requires the use of modern software tools, the application of international standards and guidelines of intelligent production of Industry 4.0.

- Konception -

We offer our customers tailor-made solutions, adapted to their individual requirements and goals. Our team consists of experienced engineers, designers and technicians who have extensive knowledge and skills in the sciences of mechanics, electronics and software. We work with the latest technologies and methods to ensure the quality, efficiency and sustainability of our products. We are proud of our creativity, flexibility and customer focus, which sets us apart from other service providers.

- Automation of industrial plants -

Industrial plant automation is a process in which the management and monitoring of production processes and equipment is left to computer systems and equipment. The aim of automation is to increase the efficiency, quality, safety and flexibility of production, reduce costs and energy consumption and free people from repetitive and dangerous tasks. The automation of industrial systems covers different levels and areas of application, from individual machines and devices to complex systems that integrate multiple systems and processes. Automation of industrial plants requires a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates knowledge from electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, robotics, mathematics, physics and others. Industrial plant automation is a dynamic and innovative field that follows the evolution of technology and the market and offers numerous opportunities to improve production and competitiveness.

- Mechatronic systems -

The development and maintenance of mechatronic systems places high demands on the specialist knowledge of mechatronics engineers, software developers and control engineers. These specialists must be able to integrate, program and optimize mechanical, electronic and IT components. They also have to take into account customer requirements, safety standards and environmental impacts. Mechatronic systems are therefore the result of interdisciplinary collaboration that requires a high level of competence and creativity.